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  • Dear Customers,

    Well we are well into 2016 now – did anyone see where 2015 went?

    Just a a quick update to let everyone know that we are still constantly looking at ways to better our service and continue to provide the high standards that we set ourselves and are also quite rightfully expected by our customers old and new.

    You can be assured using our services that you will not be clearing up the mess for weeks, and I …

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  • We use only the very latest dust free floor sanding machines to guarantee maximum dust control, these, include the famous ‘Lagler’ Hummel belt sander.  This machine can be fine tuned with three different pressure settings, to allow the user to sand the floor down through the required grades of sandpaper reducing the pressure of the sanding as the grits get finer. This will give the finest finish possible whilst providing optimum dust collection at over 98% . After this we burnish the …

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  • ‘Osmo Poly X’ Hard wax oil.

    Hard wax Oil coatings are aesthetically appealing and offer the most natural looking floor of those described. Typically speaking however, oils require a higher level of maintenance than the water or solvent based alternatives. By design an oil based coating penetrates the timber’s surface and as such is the only coating type that maintains the timber’s natural texture after coating. Oil based coatings are very common in commercial applications due to their hard wearing …

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  • 20100913_003


    Almost all modern sanding jobs are completed with specialized sanding machines. The majority of material is removed by large belt or drum sanders. The areas where the large sanders cannot reach, such as edges, corners, and stairs are sanded by an edger. A finishing machine is then used for the final sanding. Our preferred belt sander is the Lagler hummel pictured …

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  • Process:-

    Preparation is the first stage of the sanding process. All nails which protrude above the boards are punched down. Nails can severely damage the sanding machines which are being used. staples or tacks used to fasten previous coverings (if any) are removed to reduce the possibility of damage. Some brands or types of adhesives which have been used to secure coverings may need to be removed. Some adhesives clog papers and running gear of the machines used, …

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