Frequently Asked Questions

Dust-Free Sanding

  1. Do you have a pricelist?
    We will provide you with a verbal quotation which details the price and we also follow this up with a full written quotation.
  2. How long does it take?
    The length of time it takes depends on varying factors but this will be explained at the time of the quote.
  3. Is there really no dust?
    Our zero dust floor sanding technology ensures there will be no airborne dust in your property - nothing for you to clear up and no dangerous dust particles to breathe in! This service is not to be confused with those claiming to be 95% "low dust". For further information please contact us.
  4. We want to decorate, should we do it before or after you sand the floors?
    It won’t cause a problem if you wish to paint before sanding (providing the paint is dry!). We would recommend however that you leave the top coat of the skirting boards until we’ve finished.
  5. Do you offer a variety of colour stains?
    We offer a large range of colour stains, finishes and offer a free colour matching and advice service. Samples will be available at the time of your quote.
  6. what about removing lifting carpets?
    It is possible for us to lift carpets for customer this would need to be carried out prior to us quoting for floor finishing restoration works and is charged separately to main works we recommend this is carried out before we arrive.
  7. Do you move furniture
    We ask that this is carried out before we arrive we cannot work around furniture unless it is fitted. In some certain circumstances furniture moving can be carried out this must be agreed prior to any work commencing and will be charged separately to main works.
  8. We have some gaps between floor boards could you fill them?
    We don’t recommend filling gaps due to on-going natural movement between boards caused by changes in humidity, we are sometimes able to lift and re-fit the boards to gain a more uniform appearance in the gaps. We will advise at the time of you free quote.
  9. when do you require payment for work?
    We only expect to be paid on completion of works,( except in the case of very large floor fittings where we may require customer to pay for flooring materials in advance).
  10. Do you take rubbish away?
    Due to the efficient way that we work there usually is very little rubbish to dispose of We normally leave rubbish very neatly in on site bins unless prior agreement with customer.
  11. Do we need power in each area?
    We have various machines running simultaneously including our unique dust extraction methods and the amount of power that they require we most definitely require separate power to each working area.

Bartop Re-finishing

  • how long before the bartop can be back in use?
    The bar top can be lightly used after 24 hours and full heavy use after 36 hours we recommend that the work is carried out during quieter periods to allow finish to fully cure we are able to work unsociable hours in these cases.
  • how do we maintain bar top finish?
    Regular cleaning with recommended products will prolong the life of the counter top also the use of coasters/tissues. once it has been re-finished it is possible to annually apply top up coats to keep the bar in tip top condition.
  • French Polishing

    1. Q.What is French Polishing?
      Firstly French Polishing is a trade, not a particular finish. There was a time when French Polishing was tied to applying a Shellac based wood finish, French polish, to timber but with so many different types of finishes now available, in recent years, it has come to mean something much broader. The trade of French polishing is now a term for wood finishing in general, this, of course, includes finishing with French Polish but it also includes oiling, waxing and sometimes Lacquering and varnishing. Surrounding these finishes, it involves treating timber to achieve different effects such as staining timber different colours, bleaching wood to make it lighter and colouring & tinting to even the colour of timber. There is also the repairing of damaged timber and finishes; this might be a scratch on a door, heat marks on a table, or a dull finish on a wooden floor.
    2. I have a large piece of furniture that is in need of French polishing, are you able to do this at my house?
      Absolutely. Where possible we would always prefer to carry out work on site.
    3. My wooden kitchen worktops have a lot of water damage; are you able to help rectify this?
      We can refinish your worktop with a specific oil - most of the time watermarks will come out. We can advise once reviewing how bad the damage is and provide a quote.

    Floor Fitting

    1. What is a floating floor?
      A floating floor is where all the planks are either glued or clipped to each other, and not to the existing floor. All floating floors require an underlay between the existing floor and the new " floating-floor". The floor is held in place by mass, but can expand and contract freely, by means of expansion gaps.
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