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"Wood is a natural material, kept healthy and durable by nature; treat it correctly as furniture or flooring and it can be enjoyed for decades to come!" - The Osmo Philosophy

Osmo has developed a range of oil-wax wood finishing products, including their Polyx oil, that allows deeper penetration into the wood grain. This builds a net with the fibres to produce a micro-porous finish, allowing the wood to breathe and for moisture to evaporate whilst ultimately preserving the wood and keeping it healthy.

The Osmo range is not produced for the mass market and therefore more time is spent on ensuring all the products of of the highest quality - the top seling products include Polyx®-Oil, Wood Wax Finish Transparent, Wash and Care and Liquid Wax Cleaner, Natural Oil Woodstain and One Coat Only.

Osmo is the wood product specialist and we’re proud to be using and offering their products.

  • Liquid Wax Cleaner

    Liquid Wax Cleaner

    For the maintenance of wood and cork floors, furniture and other interior wood surfaces, oiled, waxed or varnished.

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  • Opti set

    Opti set

    The Osmo Opti-set is the complete mop set for the care and maintenance of Osmo finished floors.

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  • Polyx Oil Rapid

    Polyx Oil Rapid

    The original hard-wax oil. For wood and cork floors. Interior use (satin and matt), natural oil/wax based - micro porous. 2 coats, no primer.

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  • Sadolin Floor Varnish

    Polyx Oil High Solid

    For wood and cork floors and all internal joinery. Interior use - matt. Natural oil/wax based - microporous. Water repellent - treadfast.

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  • Wash and Care

    Wash and Care

    Cleaning concentrate for wooden floors with Osmo Hardwax-Oil surface for use with Osmo Optiset.

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  • Wood Protector

    Wood Protector

    Biocide free wax impregnation for interior (and exterior) use. Microporous - natural oil/wax based. Extremely water repellent.

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  • Wood Wax Finish (Transparent)

    Wood Wax Finish (Transparent)

    Interior use - satin. Natural oil/wax based - microporous. Water repellent and treadfast.

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  • Polyx Oil Tints

    Polyx Oil Tints

    For wooden floors and furniture. Transparent tinted - for interior. Satin/Matt. Natural oil/wax based - microporous. Water repellent.

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  • Wood Wax Finish (Creativ)

    Wood Wax Finish (Creativ)

    Ideal for interior wood. Based on natural vegetable oils and waxes - microporous. 1 coat = transparent. 2 costs = opaque.

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