Zero Dust Floor Sanding

Imagine having your floors sanded and restored without leaving any dust behind.

Believe it or not we can actually sand your floors without the slightest trace of dust in your home.

Sanding dust penetrates everywhere, even if interiors are covered and cabinet doors closed.

When you hire “Dust Free Sanding Perth” to carry out sanding and finishing in your home or business you do not need to cover or dismantle the interior and you won’t need to totally clean your home after your floor restoration is complete. The air that is discharged from our total extraction system is cleaner than before the sanding commenced!

Our European designed dust extraction system is completely sealed and placed outside of the property. All of the machines and power tools we use in the sanding process are directly connected via anti static hoses completely eliminating the use of dusty calico dust bags. It has a three stage filtration system removing all the fine and potentially carcinogenic dust particles from the air before they settle. Even when the system needs emptying this is a sealed and controlled process: no shaking out dust bags outside your property!

Other contractors claim to be dust free, as having a calico dust bag, shop vac or similar attached to machine, but this is not a dust free process and lets dangerous dust particles back into the air and your home. This is also a fire hazard as static electricity/sparks and fine wood dust do not mix. When you hear the term 95% dust free sanding mentioned this will usually be referring to a particular brand of belt sander that in factory conditions may well be 95%, but this percentage will drop down very quickly with daily use of machine. During the sanding and coating process there will be numerous machines and tools used which have never been classed as 95% dust free and never will be! So the term 95% is usually not true.

We have been sanding and finishing timber floors for over 20 years to get to where we are at today. We are proud members of ATFA Australian timber flooring association and we are also certified “Bona Australia” contractor. All work is carried out in house and never contracted out; this ensures you deal with the same person from the start of work to completion. We only use the latest European finishing systems and advanced floor sanding technology available.

For further info and advice please call, text or email. Alternately use our quote request form and we will get in touch with you.